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The SPLASH Community Arts programme works with children, young people and families in order to build bridges between different age and ethnic groups. It has developed an innovative programme for children with special needs. The programme works across all the estates in Blackwall, working in collaboration with the SPLASH Children and Young People's programme (Youth programme) and with the SPLASH Community Development programme.



The Glass Bridge artwork is an ambitious project to adorn the Poplar DLR station footbridge crossing from Blackwall to Canary Wharf and the Isle of Dogs. the Bridge links the poorer regions of Blackwall with the splendid riches of canary wharf and the business sector therein. Our artwork involves people from both areas working on the same artwork with the same materials, paintbrushes and largely the same ideas.


The finished artwork will be transferred to vinyl and installed in the Bridge in November. We are also preparing to paint a mural in a local hotel, make a play and run art clubs. As part of our capacity-building role, we are using art as a tool or devise to build confidence and skills in young and older people.



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