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SPLASH Play provides supervised sessions where children between ages 8-13 can come along and enjoy a range of activities and games such as cooking, arts and crafts, trampoline, sports and many other outdoor adventure games. See below for a list of our current clubs and locations.

Splash Play Club Images

SPLASH Play Office 

St. Matthias Community Centre,

113 Poplar High Street,

London E14 0AE

Tel. 0207 093 0673

St. Vincent’s Estate

Porta Cabin

London E14 8AF

  Thu, 5pm-7pm 

 Boys and girls ages 8-13 

Play Out Project 

On local estates around

Poplar and Limehouse

 Sat, 1pm-3pm 

 Boys and girls ages 8-13 

(welcome 5 year olds with older siblings)

What is SPLASH Play all about?

SPLASH Play has been operating since 2002, although originally established under the name Dreamteam.
SPLASH play has a well established and locally trusted reputation for providing high-quality play services to the local community of Blackwall and Limehouse and has achieved levels 3 Quality in Play (the Nationally accredited Quality Assurance scheme for Play). 

Why Play Is Important for children?
“The right to play is a child’s first claim on the community. Play is nature’s training for life”.  [David Lloyd George]  

  • The ability to problem-solve;  

  • The ability to think logically 

  • Ways to communicate/interact with others 

  • Socially acceptable behaviours 

  • Creativity 

  • Flexibility 

  • The ability to adapt to situations

A mix of active, imaginative and creative play makes for a brilliantly balanced diet of play: 

Creative play is about drawing, painting, playing music, cooking, or making something (anything!). Through creative play, children express his themselves.

Imaginative play- children try to understand the world, investigate facts and fiction, and develop positive relationships with themselves and other people.

Active play- It’s a mixture of running, jumping, catching and dancing - all of which build strength and boost coordination. Active play is also a great way to learn about teamwork, release tension and feel truly free.

Through play, children learn about themselves and the world around them. It helps children understand their environment and gives them a chance to learn and to practice new skills. Here are just a few examples of what children learn and practice every time they play: 

To facilitate children’s play we provide various activities and programmes throughout the year. Our Play provisions offer a safe and friendly environment for children to play and explore new skills, friendships and themselves. Children are nourished with exciting and creative play activities, following the Play Principles, all encouraged by experienced and qualified Level 3 playworkers, giving children many opportunities to contribute their ideas.

Our sessions are inclusive and are attended by children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  We operate 5 play sessions every week from Tuesdays to Saturdays. Our play sessions are free of charge, and children are free to come and go as they wish and are free to choose what they do.  

We work in partnership with the local community, local schools, parent groups and various partner play organisations and on average 95 participants aged between 8 to 13 years attend our play clubs every week.

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